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Vince Carter Dunk Compilation

August 29th, 2009 No comments
There is no point of this post other than to appreciate Vince Carter's extremely sick dunking skills, no one has been this exciting since his fellow UNC alumni Michael Jordan left the NBA. Saw these compilations on YouTube and had to put it up, also included are the clips from the 2000 NBA All-Star dunk contest where he murdered everyone. Just take a look at what he does to Mutombo in the first clip! *gasface*

With his move to Orlando it might be their season to battle again with Cleveland in the NBA Eastern Conference Finals...

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Mix – LBS :: Winter Fonk

August 28th, 2009 No comments
Blast from the past, here is a mix i did in December 2000 full of deep and jazzy house, always with a knuckle ball thrown in for good measure. Found a lot of older mixes i've done lately as well so will be posting those in the next couple of weeks....

LBS - Winter Fonk

Sorry, no tracklisting for this one...
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OTBP Vol. 007

August 25th, 2009 No comments
This episode is dedicated to the music of Brasil. The first half of the show focuses on original songs and the second is dance music with a Brasileiro influence.

Off The Beaten Path Vol. 007

Moro No Brasil Mix
1 / Paulinho da Viola / Dança Da Solidão
2 / Wilson Simonal / Nem Vem Que Não Tem
3 / Wando / Nega De Obaluaê
4 / Toquinho / Zana
5 / Trio Mocotó / Beleza Beleza Beleza
6 / Bebeto / Princess Negra de Angola
7 / Antonio Pinto & Ed Côrtes / Meu Nome É Zé
8 / União Black / African Hot Band
9 / Farofa Carioca / Moro No Brasil
10 / Nico Gomez / La Lupita
11 / Ronaldo Mesquita / Balança Pema
12 / Nelson Cavaquinho / Juizo Final
13 / Jorge Ben & Caetono Veloso / Ive Brussel
14 / Quinteto Violado / Samba De Roda
15 / Seu Jorge / Convite Para Vida
15 / Farofa Carioca / Bebel
16 / Jorge Ben & Toquinho / Carolina Carol Bela
17 / Seu Jorge / Carolina
18 / Tania Maria, Boto & Helio / Fio Maravilha
19 / Tim Maia / Cristina
20 / Orlandivo / Onde Anda O Meu Amor

Inspiração Brasileira Mix
21 / Kalas / Butti 49
22 / The Juju Orchestra / What Is Hip
23 / Cool Hipmoise / Dama Dada (Marga)
24 / Bab & Rolando 808 / Mais Que Nada (Melodic Mix)
25 / Fernando Porto / Só Tinha Ser Com Você
26 / Andréa Ciminelli / No Batida Do Pandeiro
27 / Grupo Batuque / No Batida Do Agogo (Osunalde Main Mix)
28 / Ramatis / Arrunda De Guiné feat. Rose Max
29 / Tim Hutton / Colours (Freeform Five Mix)
30 / Zuco 103 / Peregrino (Spacer Mix)
31 / Montefiori Cocktail / Sofisticata (Nicola Conte rmx)
32 / Thomas Blondet / Bossa
33 / Rosalia De Souza / Tempo Futuro

Square Biz

August 25th, 2009 No comments

The dude Avery over at District Soul somehow unearthed this underground hip hop mixtape from waaaay back in the day. And I’m glad he did! A lot of classic joints on here.

DJ D-Up – “Square Biz”

Click to listen/Right-click to download

(Artist – Title – Label)

01. Boogiemonsters “Jugganauts” (Pendulum)
02. Non-Phixion f/ Necro “I Shot Reagan” (Hebrew National)
03. Black Attack f/ Problemz “Verbal Attack” (Correct)
04. Dynasty “Wildcat” (Fat Beats)
05. Artifacts “Art of Facts” (Big Beat)
06. The Unspoken Heard “Smiley” (Seven Heads)
07. Pete Rock f/ Rock Marciano & Trife “Give It to
Y’all” (Rawkus)
08. Smut Peddlers (High & Mighty + Cage) “One by One”
(Eastern Conference)
09. Medina Green (Mos Def, DCQ, Magnetic) “Fla La
Lashe” (Rawkus)
10. Milano (formerly of D.I.T.C.) “Rep for the Slums” (Fatbeats)
11. Big L “Ebonics” (Flamboyant)
12. PRC (Powerule Crew) “Heatin’ Up” (Black Waxx)
13. Juice “Period” (Molemen)
14. East Flatbush Project “Tried By 12″ (10′30 Uproar)
15. Common “The Bitch In Yoo” (Relativity)
16. Lace Da Booms f/ Royal Flush “Cut That Weak Shit”
17. The Doxxmen “Magnetic Attack” (A Little Phat
Homeless Boy)
18. D.B.D. f/ Parrish Smith “Code Red” (Boondox)
19. Royal Flush “Worldwide” (Blunt)
20. Onyx & Wu-Tang Clan “The Worst” (Tommy Boy)
21. Moodswingaz “The Blessin’” (Rawshack)
22. The Supafriendz “Vowel Movement” (Funtown)
23. Dutchmin “Get Your Swerve On” (Dolo

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Likkle But Tallawah!

August 21st, 2009 No comments

Jamaica is absolutely KILLIN’ the track right now. My man better come up clean though!

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Damn Plax!

August 20th, 2009 No comments

Dude was stupid, but TWO YEARS!

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Thank You DC!

August 18th, 2009 No comments

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LBS :: Winter Fönk

August 15th, 2009 No comments

Winter Fönk

Winter Fönk

This is one of LBS’ early mixes.  It’s a fine blend of jazzy, deep, & vocal house tracks.  It was mixed and recorded on Dec. 25, 2000 by LBS.  No playlist is available.

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Johnson Lee :: Free Form 3

August 15th, 2009 No comments

Free Form 3

Free Form 3

This is the 3rd release in the Free Form series by Johnson Lee.  It was mixed and recorded in 2001.  No playlist is available.

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