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Johnson Lee :: Free Form 4

September 30th, 2010 No comments
This is part 4 of the infamous Free Form series by Johnson Lee.  It features 17 songs.  He starts out with a very nice selection of house tunes.  The first couple are on the jazzy tip.  It transitions to dubbier type house.  Midway through the mix it goes into broken beat house.  Around song 10, Johnson slows it down to a jazzy lounge downtempo vibe.  Overall it is quite a good listen and I'm happy I dug it out of the District Soul archives.

The Jakarta Globe

September 30th, 2010 No comments
The Jakarta Globe, my daily source for all things bemusing, saddening, and downright baffling about Indonesian politics/culture.

Whether it's the House of Representatives spending more than half of their budget alone on 'international and domestic traveling' or how some California man is in jail because he allegedly shutdown his neighborhood mosque for being too loud... Indonesia may be backwards at times, but boring? Never.
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September 25th, 2010 No comments
Alila Villas Soori in Tabanan, Bali.
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Avery :: To Tell The Truth

September 24th, 2010 No comments

This edition of the bonus mixes brings us To Tell The Truth.  I recorded it in October of 2000.  It's a house mix with some jazz flavors.  The good news is there are several nice tracks to be heard on the mix.  The bad news is that I am without several of the track titles.  If anyone wants to chime in on tracks they know, please leave a comment.  Of the tracks I remember, the Soldiers of Twilight track is always a favorite of mine.  Colette - Try Her For Her Love on Moody Recordings was very popular back in 2000/2001.  Many commercially released mixes included this track.  Towards the end of the mix, I switched up to some deeper vocal tracks with Miguel Migs, Aquanote (Gabriel René), and Atlantis (aka Ron Trent).  I swear, back in the early 2000s, Miguel Migs and Naked Music Recordings seemed to have a new release every week.  At the time, I was working at Yoshitoshi Records in Georgetown as one of their in store DJs every Friday.  Without fail, when I arrived each an every Friday, I'd have a new stack of music from the Migs and Naked Music.  Needless to say, tons of copies sold.

To Tell The Truth - October 2000

(download - 67:21 - 158mb 320kbps mp3)

1 / unknown / unknown
2 / Ten Bar / unknown
3 / unknown / Sunshine
4 / Soldiers of Twilight / Feeling So High (dub)
5 / Colette / Try Her For Love
6 / unknown / unknown
7 / unknown / unknown
8 / K Hand / Luv N U
9 / unknown / unknown
10 / Miguel Migs / Mi Destino
11 / Aquanote / True Love
12 / Atlantis / No More Excuses
13 / unknown / unknown
14 / unknown / unknown

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Avery :: Winter Blues

September 23rd, 2010 No comments

This is a shorter mix I put together in December 2001.  There are a few tracks that were personal favorites at the time for me.  Love Letters by Alexander East simply jams!  I love the energy in the track that never seems to quit.  Back in 2001, LBS and I heard him play at Blue in Miami during the WMC and he did not disappoint.  And I Am by Greens Keepers and Stacy Kidd has a haunting touch to it that makes me move.  In case you didn't know, Stacy Kidd is the cousin to house legend Paul Johnson.  That's some serious talent in the family if I do say so myself.  Yet my all time favorite on this mix hands down has to be Smile by Jasper Street Company.  Even though this is on a local label, I didn't hear the dub version until I got a recording of Greg Norwood from Chicago (if you haven't heard of him, you owe it to yourself to check out his mixes).  There was a live mix he did back in 2001 that had that track and when I found myself in the endless head nod, I was on a mission to figure out what track it was.  Lo and behold, it was on a label from hometown heroes:  Basement Boys Records.  The mix wraps up with some lounge tracks.

Winter Blues - December 2001

(download - 64:25 - 154.7mb 320kbps mp3)

1 / Art Konik / Finger
2 / Alexander East / Love Letters
3 / Daniell Spencer / Deep Freak (In Me)
4 / unknown / unknown
5 / unknown / unknown
6 / Greens Keepers & Stacy Kidd / And I Am
7 / Jasper Street Company / Smile (Smile Da Deepah Dub)
8 / unknown / unknown
9 / unknown / unknown
10 / Pound Boys / Love, Peace, Harmony feat. SeVaughn
11 / unknown / What A Difference A Day Makes
12 / Interlude
13 / unknown / unknown

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Road Trip: America

September 22nd, 2010 No comments
Some lomography pictures from my recent trip back to America (NYC, DC to Oklahoma, then northeast again to Kentucky and then doubling back) are finally up for view. This was back in April-May 2010. More pics can be found here.

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Avery :: Abstractions 3

September 21st, 2010 No comments

This is third volume of my Abstractions series.  I recorded it on 3 turntables on May 16, 2003 and combined lounge, downtempo, hip-hop, samba soul, afrobeat, and reggae/dub.  Then I intermingled some spoken word/comedy on top of it all.  The mix basically follows its title name and is in fact quite abstract in it's aggregate form but somehow it all works.  The mix starts off with a funny track from comedy legend Robin Williams.  The next several tracks are some underground hip-hop gems from the likes Peanut Butter Wolf, K-Otix, Latyrx, etc.  Around track 10, I change it up with some downtempo tracks starting off with one of my favorite groups of the 90s: Deee-Lite.  For any of you who are not familiar with them, please check out their "Dewdrops In The Garden" LP.  It's got to be one of my all time favs.  The Funki Porcini track is interesting as it plays with warping the tempo as to mimic the trip of Alice in Wonderland.  Later on I dive into some Brazilian flavor from Wanderléa and Clube Do Balanço.  The next step is into a little afrobeat and the mix finishes with some reggae/dub flavor including the stylings of Augustus Pablo.

Abstractions 3 - May 2003

(download - 79:27 - 190.7mb 320kbps mp3)

1 / Robin Williams  /  Grim Rapper  /  Columbia
2 / Peanut Butter Wolf /  Phonies  /  Stones Throw
3 / Cooly's Hotbox  /  What a Surprise  /  Sole
4 / Les Nubians  /  Tabou Remixes  /  Virgin France
5 / K-Otix /  Do You Wanna Be an MC  / K Otix Entertainment
6 / Latyrx  /  Say That  /  Solesides
7 / Last Emperor  /  Secret Wars  /  whitelabel
8 / Jigmastas  /  Beyond Real Remix  /  Beyond Real
8 / Network Reps  /  Simplistic  /  Network Entertainment
9 / Kombo  /  I Don't Stop  /  Infinite / Entertainment
10 / Deee-Lite  /  Stay in Bed, Forget the Rest  /  Elektra
11 / Funki Porcini  /  Farewell Alice  /  Ninja Tune
12 / Litlle Axe  /  Ride On  /  React /
13 / Strata 3  /  (It's Not) A Man's World  /  Bush
14 / Wanderléa / Mané João /  Universal
15 / Clube Do Balanço  /  Kriola  /  Mr Bongo
16 / Brown Tempo  /  Homage  /  Rhythm & Culture
17 / KMD  /  Gasface Refill  /  Elektra
18 / Marlena Shaw  /  California Soul  /  Chess
19 / Cedric Im Brooks  /  Africa  /  Honest Jon's
20 / Orlando Julius & The Afro Sounders  /  Alo Mi Alo  /  Premier
21 / Augustus Pablo  /  East of the River Nile  /  Ocho
22 / Cottonball  /  Tempest Dub  /  Quango

"The Road" – Cormac McCarthy

September 20th, 2010 No comments
Holy shit. I finally finished a book. Been awhile since I picked one up but felt compelled when my girlfriend is yellin' James Patterson in one ear and my sister is yellin' Cormac McCarthy in the other.

So I went with Cormac McCarthy's novel "The Road", largely because I knew he'd written "No Country For Old Men" and my sister swear's on her life that "Blood Meridian" is second to none. Originally written back in 2006, "The Road" has garnered a Pulitzer Prize in 2007 and in 2008, Entertainment Weekly "named The Road the best book, fiction or non-fiction, of the past 25 years." Who knew that Entertainment Weekly was filled with literary geniuses???

Sarcasm aside, the book is about the journey of a man, and his son, along a post apocolyptic road that is leading them south in search of more survival sources and more of the "good guys". They meet anything but along this trip, human civilization reduced to cannibalism and an entire hope vanished in a mysterious world-ending event that is never explained. Readers beware, if it were not for McCarthy's poetic prose I myself would have thrown in the towel after the first 10 pages, it is a VERY bleak and depressing story but again, McCarthy's choice descriptions really bring it along.

Can't say I agree with Entertainment Weekly's review but I read this after I saw the movie and will at least admit the book is better, I was hoping for more explanation in the book as to what happened with the world but the book and movie stay committed to each other. Next up, James Patterson's "Swimsuit", a story I'm sure is on the complete opposite end of the spectrum for the mere fact that the characters actually have names...
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Avery :: DC Sessions Vol. 2

September 18th, 2010 No comments

Recorded in May 2000, DC Sessions Vol. 2 is jammed packed with disco styled and deep house tracks.  However, I never distributed the mix to the house patrons of DC.  So after 10 years, here it is!  "Bushes" by Markus Nikolai starts the mix and was made famous by the San Francisco Sessions mix by Mark Farina.  It has a very cool almost eery vocal throughout.  "It's Love" by Naked Music NYC is pretty much an anthem track in my opinion.  I think that about 100% of the time when I hear it, I have to sing along.  With a deeper more tribal sound, "True House" by C&M Productions was a regular hit from coast to coast.  I can remember listening to Saeed playing it many times at the club Red in DC during his Thursday night residency.  At first glance, you may expect a certain type of track when you see "Baby Love" by Cassio in the tracklist.  However, DJ Q (Paul Flynn) definitely changes things up with a whole new take on the track. DJ Q is one of my favorite producers.  I first heard the Disko Method track on a mixed CD by DJ Michelle (Canada) I received from her at the Winter Music Conference in 2000.  Disko Method is an alias for Eddie Matos of the famed duo Mateo and Matos.  Great track I must say with an unmistakable piano loop.  Finally, I think the "Keep It Together" track by Lexicon was really slept on.  I never really heard it played out in the club scene but still today love the track.

DC Sessions Vol. 2 - May 2000

(download - 73:17 - 176mb 320kbps mp3)

1 / Markus Nikolai / Bushes / Classic
2 / House Proud People / Lonely Dancer / Cross Section
3 / Naked Music NYC / It's Love / OM
4 / Jordan Fields / Love You / Bassline
5 / Bell Bottom Convention / You Came / 4th Floor
6 / Funky Fluid / Saturday Night Flava / Physique Disques
7 / Black Legend / Relight / Rise (white)
8 / C&M Producitons / True House (amador rmx) / Deep Touch
9 / Hesohi / I Love You / Imperial Dub
10 / Sabrynaah Pope / Black Man / Slip n Slide
11 / Disko Method / Get Your Mind Together / UTC
12 / Cassio / Baby Love (DJ Q rmx) / Glasgow Underground
13 / Brady Stone / Hydra / Paradax
14 / Lexicon / Keep It Together / Plastic City
15 / Natural Rhythm / Trials of Life / UTC

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Niv :: Evolving Soul

September 17th, 2010 No comments

This mix spun by Niv Farahandouz or as all of us knew him "Niv".  Unfortunately, our brother is no longer with us, but I felt since it's been 10 years since he put this together it would be nice to revisit his amazing skills as a DJ.  When Niv originally gave me this mix, it was for me to put up on our brand new website District Soul.  We were just starting the website as a local resource for house music and the underground scene in DC.  Thanks to him and many other very talented local DJs, the site took off and became the online social resource of DC long before sites like Facebook, Myspace, Friendster, Twitter, etc.  The track selection on this mix is impecable.  The Carnaval de São Vicente by Cesária Évora song blew me away the first time I heard it.  In fact, I was in my office at the time and had to stop what I was doing just to call Niv and ask him what that track was.  Cada Vez by Negrocan was on regular rotation at Red.  This was also the era when Naked Music tracks were extremely in vogue.  Solar House's Got 2 B U was an underground hit as well.  Finally, the mix ends on one of the all classics, Love & Happiness by River Ocean featuring one of my favorite singers, India.  Here's to Niv, rest in peace my friend.

Evolving Soul - July 2000

(download - 73:57 - 177.5mb 320kbps mp3)

1 / Kerri Chandler & Jerome Sydenham / Orixas (demo dub) / Ibadan
2 / Nova Nova / Aqua Bassino Dub / F Communications
3 / Laurent Garnier / The Man With The Red Face / F Communications
4 / Lovetronic / Jay's Afrotronic Vocal / Naked Music
5 / Inland Knights / Situations / Drop Music
6 / GU / Fly With Me (M. Grant's dub) / Guidance
7 / Don Carlos / Aquanuats / Guidance
8 / Solar House / Got 2 B U / Large
9 / Martin Solveig / Come With Me / Mixture Stereophonic
10 / Negrocan / Cada Vez / Kontor
11 / Cesária Évora / Canaval de São Vicente / Wave
12 / Afro Celt Sound System / Release / Real World
13 / To-ka Project / So-Fa So Good / Viva
14 / River Ocean feat. India / Love & Happiness / Strictly Rhythm

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