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Johnson Lee :: Free Form 7

October 29th, 2010 No comments

After an upbeat part 6, Johnson chills it out in part 7.  This mix ranges from very chill lounge, jazz, latin, funk, and more.  I find myself listening to this mix on a nice long car ride or when I'm chillin' at my house. I think a nice glass of wine and warm summer breeze compliment it very well.

Free Form 7 - 2002

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Stretford Dogs Club :: Doggin’ After Midnight

October 28th, 2010 No comments

To be honest with you, I am not to familiar with Stretford Dogs Club.  However, I recently ran across this mix and was pretty impressed.  I'd definitely suggest that you give it a listen.

Doggin' After Midnight

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01. Be | Pass It On | Development Music
02. Mr V | Jus' Dance (Cosmic Ritual Dub) | Sole Channel
03. Ame | Fiori (Dixon Beat Edit) | Innervisions
04. Larry Heard | Deja Vu (Musaria Mix) | Innervisions
05. Chymera | Ghosts | Connaisseur Records
06. Mattias Kaden | Mascleta (Affkt White Fear Mix) | Vakant
07. Delano Smith | Ancestors | Kolour Recordings
08. Basto Grub & Aldo Kadiz | Eleccion | Desolat
09. The Deep | Dom Dom | Deeply Rooted House
10. Metro & Sebo K | Saxtrack (Reboot Twisted Fist remix) | Cecille
11. Flash Atkins | Make Your Move (AtJazz Remix) | Paper Recordings
12. Classic Man | Here's The Sample | Nervous Records
13. Mary Jane Coles | Simple Things | Real Tone Records
14. Black Magic | Dance (Do That Thing) | Strictly Rhythm
15. Basto Grub & Aldo Kadiz | Me Sabe a Porro | Desolat
16. JASC | Victory Dance (NTFO's Remix) | Pura Music
17. Eddie Leader | Try To Remember | Hudd Traxx
18. Butch | Lamprophony | Cecille
19. Pirupa | Get Funky | Cecille
20. Makam | You Might Lose It (Kerri Chandler Kaoz 623 Remix) | Sushitech Purple
21. Da Funk | Where Is Your Head (Ivan I & Raygun Remix) | 2600 Records
22. A Hundred Birds | Black Water (Dub Mix) | Wave Music

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Avery :: Step Into The Light

October 26th, 2010 No comments

Recorded in July 2003, this mix takes its listeners on a trip through house tracks from 90s and a little bit of disco at the end.  It starts off with "Long Hot Sexy Nights" by the infamous Moodymann.  A little later is a track off the very first EP by Naked Music NYC, who later formed the very popular Naked Music Recordings.  "Babarabatiri" track by Gypsymen (Todd Terry) is a house remix of a famous Cuban song by Beny Moré.  "The Bounce" by Kenlou needs no introduction.  To this day, it is one of my favorite tracks.  The mix ends with two disco bangers by Jimmy "Bo" Horne and Double Exposure.  Unfortunately like some of my other mixes from my collection, I no longer have the original playlist, so I named as songs as I could remember.

Step Into The Light - July 2003

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01 / Moodymann / Long Hot Sexy Nights / KDJ
02 / ??
03 / Naked Music NYC / I'll Take You To Love / Ton-A-Records
04 / ??
05 / ??
06 / Rasoul / Wishing / Large
07 / ??
08 / Rasoul / Wishing / Large
09 / Gypsymen / Babarabatiri / White
10 / ?? / Make It Funky
11 / The Brand New Heavies / Close To You (Old School Hard Core Dub) / FFRR
12 / East 17 / House Of Love (Murk Main Mix) / London Records
13 / Romanthony / Da' Change / Black Male Records
14 / Kenlou / The Bounce / MAW Records
15 / Easydelics / Berimbau De Osahna (Freeform 'Catedraticos' Reform) / NRK
16 / Thompson & Lenoir / Can't Stop The House / House Jam Records
17 / Jimmy "Bo" Horne / Spank / Sunshine Sound Disco
18 / Double Exposure / I Got The Hots For Ya / Salsoul

Audio: Jadakiss f/ 50 Cent & Rell – "Dump"

October 26th, 2010 No comments

This joint has been out for a minute…but it is on fire. Jadakiss is a beast.


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Johnson Lee :: Free Form 6

October 21st, 2010 No comments

Here we find part 6 of the Free Form series by Johnson Lee.  It starts off with a sample from the old Kung Fu TV series and some groovy house.  A few tracks in it jumps around with some lounge, hip-hop, and light dnb.  A little while later, it's back to some deep house jams.  Throughout the rest of the mix it stays with house music but also keeps getting better and better.  You are left wanting more when you reach the end.

I remember when Johnson first hit me up with this edition of the Free Form series and since then this has been one of my favorites.  Maybe because I'm such a house head but I think more so it's because of his track selection, impecable mixing, and great programming.

Free Form 6 - 2001

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Avery :: The Unseen Horizon

October 21st, 2010 No comments

Recorded in February 2003, "The Unseen Horizon" takes a voyage through many styles of house.  It starts out on a harder, driving theme highlighted by Natural Rhythm's "Fall".  The mood shifts to a slightly disco-ish vibe with the Kings of Tomorrow track "The Session".  A few more tracks further into the mix brings us to a very cool track:  Twilight by Mustang.  I enjoy it's hypnotic melodies along with its thick percussive rhythms.  Almost like it was meant to be, the 3rd Eye remix of Roy Ayers melts right into the mix.  If memory serves correct, it was Rise Ashen who did this bootleg.  After a few moments in this deeper mood, things switch up to a more tribally jazzy vibe.  Claude Monnet - "New Jazz Soul" was quite a hit at the time.  It seems like in the early 2000s, you could never go wrong with a Cooly's Hot Box track.  "Cooly's Wages" is a funky deep jazzy track that I played at several venues back then.  When the Deep Swing "Shelter" track drops, things have moved towards the garage style.  Finally the mix ends with two classic tracks.  "Show You Love" by Romanthony and "Voices In My Mind" by Voices.  Both of these tracks were and still remain anthems.  They are the type of tracks that gave me goose bumps when I first heard them out late night at a rockin' night club.

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01 / Hanayo / Joe Le Taxi / Bio
02 / Natural Rhythm / Fall / Dufflebag
03 / Kings of Tomorrow / The Session / Strictly Rhythm
04 / Deep Brothers feat. Michael Watford / You Got Me / Azuli
05 / Flytronix / Free From You / Farout
06 / Mustang / Twilight (Freedom Soundz Re-edit) / Visions
07 / Tribute to Roy Ayers / 3rd Eye / Easy Breezy
08 / Bitch Kreek / Doin Alrite / Pagan
09 / Claude Monnet / New Jazz Soul / SSOH
10 / Cooly's Hot Box / Cooly's Wages / Sole
11 / Chaka Khan / Never Miss the Water (Piratebrain rmx) / Piratebrain
12 / Deep Swing feat. Xavior / Shelter / Soulshine
13 / Bucketheads / Come and Be Gone / Henry Street
14 / DJ Sampler / Kult Records
15 / The Sandsharks / Feel Alright / Aztonk
16 / Romanthony / Show You Love / Azuli
17 / Voices / Voices / Ministry of Sound

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DJ Stylus :: Refuge

October 21st, 2010 No comments

Recently I've seen DJ Stylus "The Vibe Conductor" popping up everywhere.  I first met stylus when I was DJing for an underground hip-hop radio show "The Nocturnal Sound" at 88.1FM WMUC at University of Maryland College Park.  DJ Stylus is one of the members of the infamous Soul Controllers and I witnessed first hand his skills behind the decks and behind the mic.  What struck me as very cool is that we would get into conversations on some of the latest hip-hop tracks out then start talking about hypothetical science in Star Wars and end up on some debate on politics all while sitting in the studio.  A few years later I ran into Stylus at a guest gig he did at Andalu where I was a resident at the time.  Little did I know that his skills ran deep beyond hip-hop.  He rocked the crowd with a slew of sounds including house, soul, funk, downtempo, and more.  He is indeed The Vibe Conductor.  Recently I posted a great mix by Quantic live at The Do-Over.  I was turned on to the mix from the one and only Stylus.  He just got done with a west coast tour which including a set at the Do-Over.  Unfortunately, nobody pressed record and I can't bring you that mix.  However, thanks to Señor Stylus I bring you this mix from a party he was doing last year in DC called Refuge.  If you indeed like good music, then you must listen to Stylus whenever you get the chance.  I also highly recommend that you check out his active blog The Vibe Conductor.

Much respect to DJ Stylus.

Refuge - November 25 2009

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01. New Sector Movements | Para
02. Stevie Wonder | As If You Read My Mind
03. Root Soul feat. Vanessa Freeman & Mike Patto | Spirit of Love (Phil Asher’s Restless Soul Boogie Mix)
04. Eddie Kendricks | Date With The Rain
05. OK-Ma | Bwoygal (Lanu Remix)
06. Atlantic Starr | Circles
07. Jamiroquai | Soul Education
08. Ne-Yo | Nobody
09. Ty | Wait A Minute (Dwele Remix)
10. Little Dragon | Constant Surprises
11. Kaidi Tatham | I’m High
12. Reel People | Ordinary
13. Quantic | Mishaps Happening (Quantic Beat Mix)

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Avery :: When It Was Yesterday

October 16th, 2010 No comments

When I recorded this mix in 2002, it was inspired by a big collection of early 90's house music that Johnson came across at his store Joe's Record Paradise.  Johnson gave me a ring and I spent the next several days pouring over 1000's of records.  I found many tracks that I loved back in my early days of going out to the nightlife in DC in the early 90's.  I decided why not make a mix with only music from 10 years ago.

One song that I really love on this mix is The Way I Feel by Mijan.  I don't think I ever heard the song played out live but I know I rocked it.  I think it really got slept on.  Lift Him Up by Funky People is one of those gospel-esque house tracks with an infamous 90's bass line.  Things get very energetic with Find Our Way by Key To Life.  As an hommage to Little Louie Vega, I had to play Shut Me Out by Louie "Balo" Guzman.  I originally hear the track on the United DJs Of America Vol. 2 mix Vega did and was forever trying to hunt down the vinyl.  It took me years to get it.  One Of Those Nights by Norma Jean Bell made me realize that NJB and KDJ (Kenny Dixon Jr.) seem to have released several versions of the same songs over the years.  I'm definitely not complaining because I love the tracks.  The last several tracks on the mix pay respect to my days listening to 92Q (Baltimore radio station) and going to the Paradox.  These tracks were on heavy rotation.

When It Was Yesterday - June 18, 2002

(download - 59:11 - 135mb - 320kbps mp3)

1 / Bust People / What Must I Do / Gee Man Wax
2 / Mijan / The Way I'm Feelin' / Smack
3 / Funky People / Lift Him Up / Funky People
4 / Key To Life / Find Our Way (Breakaway) / Sub-Urban
5 / Louie Balo / Shut Me Out / Empire State Records
6 / The Brand New Heavies / Sometimes (MAW Remix) / FFRR
7 / Norma Jean Bell / One Of Those Nights (Late Night Mix) / Pandamonium
8 / ??
9 / DJ Sneak / Message Of Love / Cajual
10 / Those Guys / Good Vibrations / Basement Boys
11 / Thompson & Lenoir / Can't Stop The House / House Jam Records
12 / Lindell Townsell & M.T.F. / Get With You / Mercury
13 / Cajmere / Brighter Days (Underground Goodie) / Cajual
14 / Robin Breaks / I Get Dubbed / Dansa
15 / Barbara Tucker / I Get Lifted / Strictly Rhythm
16 / Roach Motel / Movin' On / Junior Boy's Own

Mark Farina :: Filmstrip Lesson

October 15th, 2010 No comments

This edition of our guest mixes is a new mix by Mark Farina originally published on his podcast.  Farina was one of my favorite DJs for years and years.  I sort of lost track of him over the past five years or so and haven't listened to any of his mixes.  After one listen, I'm definitely hooked (again).  This is the dubby jazzy house style of Farina that I loved hearing from him back in the late 90s.  I'm happy to see/hear that he hasn't lost his touch.  I highly suggest, for those of you (like me) who haven't heard him in a while, that you download this one and give it listen.  Good stuff.  Since this mix is littered with promos and unreleased tracks, you DJs out there will have to what a while to buy some of these tracks.

Filmstrip Lesson - October 2010

(download - 72:13 - 99.3mb - 192kbps mp3)

01 / Freaky Behaviour / The Swimming Moonlight / Promo
02 / Erik Bo / Be Yourself Beta 2010 / Promo
03 / Derek Dunbar / Drop Back / Promo
04 / Corduroy Mavericks / Sing To Swing (Frankie J’s “Be Fly” Mix) / Deepfunk
05 / Wattie Green / Love Break / Flapjack
06 / Arco / First Time / Flapjack
07 / All For One (Original Mix) / Vernon & DaCosta / Homecoming
08 / Alex Auguello / Human Beings
09 / Trevor Vichas & Tommy Largo / Come To Swing / Promo
10 / Kane Ian / Close To You / Dustpan
11 / Shane Maher / Play My Piano / Chronic Beats
12 / Wally Callerio / Better Take 3 / Dufflebag
13 / Quell / Army Of Lover (Miles Maeda Mix)
14 / Metodi Hristov / Living In A Different World / One Thirty Rec
15 / Inland Knights / Not Alone / Drop Music
16 / Paulet Gauffe / Giom & Dunbar (Giom Mix) / Amenti

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Johnson Lee :: Free Form 5

October 15th, 2010 No comments

Part five of the Free Form series by Johnson Lee brings us this funky jazzy lounge mix.  The first few of the Free Form series were mainly house oriented but Johnson goes digging deep into his never ending vault of records on this one.  The first song I believe is a lounge remix of an old rap song.  When he first showed me the album it was from and I was pretty blown away on a what a cool job they did taking some gangster style rap songs and turning them into cool downtempo jazzy tracks.  This is definitely a cover to cover mix.  I suggest you pour yourself a nice drink, settle down in a cozy spot, sit back, relax, and enjoy.  He's going to take you for a ride.

Free Form 5 - 2001

(download - 67:32 - 154.8mb - 320kbps mp3)

no playlist available