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Ballin’ Review #19 – Rock Bar @ AYANA

August 5th, 2009 No comments
Newly opened Rock Bar @ AYANA Resort and Spa is probably the coolest bar i've been to in Bali. Not only is it perched on a rock about 14 meters above the ocean but the surrounding terraces and lounge sofas make it an extremely comfortable place to chill out at. The elements of waves crashing, sun on your face, and sand glistening in the background will put you in a good mood whether you want to be or not.

Super extensive wine and cocktail list round out the selections, not too many tapas-style munchies but with AYANA's 10 other restaurants this isn't exactly the place to dine (check the Dava there, ridiculous food). Just opened this past Friday and it will definitely give other spots like KuDeTa a good run for their money on the "dopest sunset spot" in Bali.

Hilarious promo picture with my friend Zoe Noa "djing" on a turntable with no record or needles.