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Ballin’ Review #24 – Bloo Lagoon Village

November 15th, 2010 No comments
Thanks to my girlfriend I finally made my way over to the eastern side of Bali for a great mini-vacation weekend. About 1.5 hours drive from Sanur brought us to the Padangbai/Candidasa area and our final destination, Bloo Lagoon Village.

Bloo Lagoon bills themselves as a "sustainable tourism" complex with much of the village leaving almost no carbon footprint. Just walk through their grounds and you'll see just how much it is still a part of its natural surroundings. All the villas are unique in their own way and are VERY spacious with most having awesome views of Padangbai below (it's located on the side of a hill). If you're an outdoors-ish kinda person you'll love it, if you're more of a hotel-room introvert then the bugs will make you run back to Seminyak.

Was honestly just great to get away from south Bali and mingle with the hill people (Lothar anyone!?). Obviously the seafood everywhere is ridiculously fresh and in abundance. Also checked out Pantai Putih a lil past Candidasa for a great beach spot that i'm assuming not a lot of people know about. East Bali is pretty dope, cooler temps and less of a hassle, not to mention some great views across to the neighboring islands of Nusa Penida, Nusa Lombongan, and Lombok.
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Ballin’ Review #23 – Kayumanis Nusa Dua

February 18th, 2010 No comments
Think... fortress compound + cinnamon scent + unheralded service =

.... Kayumanis. With four locations in Bali (Sanur, Nusa Dua, Ubud, Jimbaran), they have consistently built their reputation on 3 principles; spacious grounds, utmost privacy, and personalized service. Starting with their Ubud location in 2002, Kayumanis just kept getting better and never really looked back. Winning multiple awards from Conde Nast Traveller and CNBC Asia Pacific, it really does feel like almost no one is around you.

Was lucky enough to score a few nights at their Nusa Dua location which turned out to be a great experience. Having stayed in many places in Bali, i can understand enough what seperates the good from the mediocre. Besides having your own personal butler there are plenty of other amenitities such as modern kitchen, huge pool, and free mini-bar (woohoo!). Kayumanis means cinnamon in Indonesian and EVERYTHING smelled like it, right down to the soap.

Also took a bike around Nusa Dua, have completely forgotten the "quiet" side of Bali. Gotta get outta Seminyak/Kuta more often!
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Ballin’ Review #21 – METIS

November 16th, 2009 No comments
Do i even really need to give a review about this place?

METIS is the new conglomerate of the former Kafe Warisan, same owners, but even bigger and better than before. Everyone in Bali should be thanking them for relocating because we all know the traffic jams caused on Jl. Kerobokan because of their success. Seriously, has anyone parked at their former location with ease?

They now have a boutique selling furnishings from across Asia, a dedicated pastry shop, a cool ass bar that looks super sleek, seperate wine/dining room with hundreds of bottles that line the walls, and of course the same worldly class and service that has made them so famous in the past. French Mediterranean cuisine with a twist and if you ever try their Chocolate Souffle you'll know what i'm talking about. I'm not even a dessert person and even i have to bow to their excellence....
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Ballin’ Review #20 – Bali Island Villas

November 11th, 2009 No comments
Been awhile since i've been ballin' in Bali, that pretty much changes this month though. Had a chance to spend the night at Bali Island Villas located in the Petitenget area of Seminyak, definitely not so much a couples retreat as that term seems to pigeonhole the property but it takes great pride in having a private sanctuary for any kind of guest.

Consisting of only 10 one-bedroom villas, the use of space is maximized due to the relative "small" square footage it has to work with. Don't get me wrong, its big enough but for families i can see how it might be a problem. Nice lap pool, great sunken bath that fits two for sexy time, fully equipped kitchen, and a very large king sized bed. There is also a stairwell in the back garden that leads to the top of the villa where a chill out area with bale relaxing pavilion resides, would love to hang out there more but its just way too hot in Bali right now to actually sit under the sun with no water immediately near you. Also these villas house the more-popular Taman Merah Spa, which i knew even before i knew the location of the villas...

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Ballin’ Review #19 – Rock Bar @ AYANA

August 5th, 2009 No comments
Newly opened Rock Bar @ AYANA Resort and Spa is probably the coolest bar i've been to in Bali. Not only is it perched on a rock about 14 meters above the ocean but the surrounding terraces and lounge sofas make it an extremely comfortable place to chill out at. The elements of waves crashing, sun on your face, and sand glistening in the background will put you in a good mood whether you want to be or not.

Super extensive wine and cocktail list round out the selections, not too many tapas-style munchies but with AYANA's 10 other restaurants this isn't exactly the place to dine (check the Dava there, ridiculous food). Just opened this past Friday and it will definitely give other spots like KuDeTa a good run for their money on the "dopest sunset spot" in Bali.

Hilarious promo picture with my friend Zoe Noa "djing" on a turntable with no record or needles.


July 31st, 2009 No comments
Been such a blur lately between djing everywhere (averaging about 6 gigs in 5 days) and of course my day jobby job. No ballin' lately, no free trips or hook ups, after doing stories for The Conrad Bali, The Tugu Lombok, Oazia Spa Villas, Sarong, Religion, and Air Asia.... i got nothing to show for it except a little heavier bank account and a new push bike i bought. Ah well, here's to August and really seeing what high season can bring to the wallet...
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Ballin’ Review #18 – Nusa Dua Spa

May 9th, 2009 No comments
This month i visited Nusa Dua Spa, which is a part of Nusa Dua Beach Hotel & Spa. Already did a review on their accommodation back in 2008 you can find here but this time it was all about "da Spa". Their spa is extremely spacious with multiple rooms and honestly, not a whole lot of the "pizazz" flavor, but never judge a book by its cover. I had the BEST massage i've ever had here in Bali or outside of Bali so of course, you'll just have to check it yourself. Went with the 2-hour Royal Javanese Body Polish which was an hour of massage, then body scrub, then they smear you with yoghurt, then you chill in a warm bath and sip ginger tea. I was starving so the yoghurt wasn't helpin much but the massage was so rhythmic and perfect that i passed out, with the drool falling from my lips before i could wake up....

Word, go check it out, not bad for US$75, definitely in the realm of the mid-priced to high end treatments as you can find cheaper but its worth it. Their other packages were notable too, a lot of uniquely designed ones as well for jetlag and after sunburn care.

p.s. - girl sold separately...

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Ballin’ Review #17 – Nammos Beach Club

April 13th, 2009 No comments
Nammos Beach Club is part of the Karma Kandara Resort family, and happens to be the best beach in Bali voted It was sorta one of those "secret" beaches that not a lot of people knew about but that will all change in 2009. First off, the infinity pool at the top of the cliffside is what everyone dreams of, the view is absolutely ridiculous and sunset will make your face melt. To get to the beach you have to take a mini-lift that goes 100 meters down the wall of a cliff and shazam, you're there. Words don't do justice to the scenery, you're just gonna have to check it out yourself.

Food is great, the pizza is off the hook and so are the main dishes. They just started a new Evening Asian Rice Menu that has dishes from Indonesia, Vietnam, Korea, India, and Thailand. "Grilled Wagyu Beef Bulgogi"!!! Like I said, ridiculous. Lots of sunset parties being planned for the summer so holler if you're down there, i'll be the one on the beach sippin' bubbly.
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