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"Black Is The New White" – Paul Mooney

June 23rd, 2011 No comments
When it comes to African American comedians, most will think of Richard Pryor, Eddie Murphy, or even now Dave Chappelle... But there is also Paul Mooney, who during the 70's until now was the driving force behind the aforementioned comedic greats, always writing for them or as an opening act. Don't get it twisted though, Paul Mooney doesn't mind being in the background, to put lightly in his own words, he's just "too black for Hollywood".

This book is much to do with his rise with Richard Pryor, his best friend, and is a great read for anyone who loves comedians who speak the truth. Remember Negrodamus on the Chappelle Show? Remember Homie The Clown on In Living Color? Remember RICHARD PRYOR?

All Paul Mooney...

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"When Giants Walked the Earth: A Biography Of Led Zeppelin "

June 13th, 2011 No comments
Hands down my most favorite rock group of all time. Forget The Stones, forget The Beatles... nothing says hedonistic creative inspiration like Led Zeppelin. This 500-page biography recounts their separate beginnings, their once in a lifetime chance meeting, and every album broken down in detail from what was going on in their lives, and the formation of the tracks included...

This is some serious Led Zep nerd shit. It's a story of their rise and eventual fall from heaven, directly told from the members themselves and the assistants and friends who surrounded this juggernaut through it all. I have to admit, you always hear the stories of 70's rock bands and their drug induced craziness but to read the stories is a true eye opener on what was the "norm" back then. You also find out just how much artists "borrow" from older artists, makes Elvis look like a saint at times... Timeline runs all the way through Bonzo's unfortunate death and the many attempted tries at a reunion tour until their 2008 farewell concert... Load up your iPod and press play cause there is only one way to read this...
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"The Road" – Cormac McCarthy

September 20th, 2010 No comments
Holy shit. I finally finished a book. Been awhile since I picked one up but felt compelled when my girlfriend is yellin' James Patterson in one ear and my sister is yellin' Cormac McCarthy in the other.

So I went with Cormac McCarthy's novel "The Road", largely because I knew he'd written "No Country For Old Men" and my sister swear's on her life that "Blood Meridian" is second to none. Originally written back in 2006, "The Road" has garnered a Pulitzer Prize in 2007 and in 2008, Entertainment Weekly "named The Road the best book, fiction or non-fiction, of the past 25 years." Who knew that Entertainment Weekly was filled with literary geniuses???

Sarcasm aside, the book is about the journey of a man, and his son, along a post apocolyptic road that is leading them south in search of more survival sources and more of the "good guys". They meet anything but along this trip, human civilization reduced to cannibalism and an entire hope vanished in a mysterious world-ending event that is never explained. Readers beware, if it were not for McCarthy's poetic prose I myself would have thrown in the towel after the first 10 pages, it is a VERY bleak and depressing story but again, McCarthy's choice descriptions really bring it along.

Can't say I agree with Entertainment Weekly's review but I read this after I saw the movie and will at least admit the book is better, I was hoping for more explanation in the book as to what happened with the world but the book and movie stay committed to each other. Next up, James Patterson's "Swimsuit", a story I'm sure is on the complete opposite end of the spectrum for the mere fact that the characters actually have names...
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