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American Invasion

January 10th, 2010 No comments
Seems like America just can't stop invading, no matter what subject it is. The latest of course is all the hype regarding Landon Donovan's loan transfer to Everton in the English Premier League. Don't get me started, already after two failed loan transfers to the German Bundesliga i'm hoping he can make it stick this time and after his first game against my beloved Arsenal a few days ago, he looks like the Donovan that has made him America's soccer posterboy.

Not gonna lie, get over the jokes and admit the man does have skills, he gave Arsenal plenty of problems before cramping up in the blizzard-like conditions like bending in a beautiful corner for a goal by . For once he looked "comfortable" outside of the US and on the pitch.

And it isn't like Americans in England or abroad is something new, Clint Dempsey (#23) has been doing it for awhile now at Fulham and has garnered enough respect and skill to break into the starting lineup for almost this entire season. Just happy to see Americans progressing in a sport where respect towards them haven't always been the kindest...

Check Clint's goal this past week in again, blizzard like conditions, this goal is up for EPL Goal Of The Year so far in this season...