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DJ Dimitri (Deee-Lite) – Essential Mix 1994

August 24th, 2010 No comments
Thems was the days...

DJ Dimitri (Deee-Lite) - Essential Mix 1994

Dawn Penn - "You Don't Love Me" (No No No)
Knite Force - "Special Force" (Knitforce)
Kemet - "Agony" (Kemet)
Potential Bad Boy - "Warning" (Ibiza)
General Levy & M Beat - "Incredible" (Renk)
Smokey Joe - "A Special Request" (Labello Bianco Alive Vinyl)
Deee-Lite - "Sampladecie Junior Jumbo" (Electra)
Patra - "Worker Man" (Epic)
Underground Sounds Of Lisbon - "So Get Up" (Tribal America)
Valli Rose - "Shame" (Black Rose)
Liberty City - "If You Really Love Someone" (Murk)
KD Lang - "Lifted By Love" (Sire)
Pizzaman - "Tripping On Sunshine" (Loaded)
Deep Forest - "Deep Forest" (Sony/Epic)
Worldwide Tribe - "Africa Africa" (Atlas)
Deee-Lite - "Bring Me Your Love" (Electra)
Johnny Viscious - "Lolleta Holloway" (Viscious Music)
Hardtrax - "House Is A Feeling" (Hardtrax)
Do-Ra-Le - "No One" (20 Green)
Cappella - "Move On Baby" (ffrr)
Hard Trax - "Hardphunk" (Probe)
Pleasant Chemistry - "Violins" (Lobato)
System X - "System X" (Subvision)
DJ Mink - "Hey! Can U Relate" (white Label)
DJ Icee - "Energy Trax Vol 1" (white Label)
Central Fire - "This Is A Shout Going Out" (Witch)
Zone - "Ghosties" (white Label)
Deee-Lite - "River Of Freedom" (Electra)
Ade - "Change The World" (Shut Up & Dance)
DJ Duke 0 - "Turn It Up" (ffrr)
Jaydee - "Music Is So Special" (R&S)
Provetto Tribal - "Soul Boots" (D-Vision)
Off The Shelf - "The Trap" (Amato Disco)
Dubtribe - "Eighty East" (Organico)
Freestyle Orchestra - "Keep On Pumping It Up" (white Label)
Stereo Gen - "Hold Me" (Vinyl Addiction)
KC Flight - "Let's Get Jazzy" (RCA)
Prodigy - "The Narcotic Suite" (XL)
DJ ICEE - "Energy Trax" (white Label)
C2R - "Love Me Right" (Knight Life)
The Cotton Club - "Make It Rock" (Fantastic)
Deee-Lite - "Somebody" (Electra)
Craig Mack - "Flava In Ya Eat" (Bad Boy)
Naz - "The World Is Yours" (Colombia)
Boogic Monsters - "Recognized Threshold Of Negative Stress" (Pendulum)