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February 7th, 2010 No comments
In one of the most daring and ludicrous thoughts ever, someone booked Horse Meat Disco from London to play at DeJa'Vu Club in Bali. Considering the amount of respect I have for Jim Stanton he brought along James Hilliard and ripped the roof off (albeit for 1.5 hours) with some of the dopest early leftfield disco jams.

Extremely funny scene watchin half of the crowd standing around without their BOOM BOOM beats and the rest of the crowd in a series of dancing, yelling, and drinking the night away scenes. Serious serious fun for an unexpected night. More please...

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MisShapes in Bali

November 20th, 2009 No comments
got a chance to open up for the MisShapes party in Bali this past Tuesday at Deja'Vu, never played the club before but it's gotta pretty impressive sound system. the DJ after me, Adit, absolutely killed it and by the time the MisShapes got on...well everyone was in some sort of debauchery already. pretty fun night overall although i must admit, i thought it would be jam packed, not that i'm hating on comfortable elbow room. check the pics...

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