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Thousand Reasons

April 4th, 2009 No comments
Very dope clothes from Thousand Reasons label straight outta Australia. The boys have their factory here in Bali and I recently was able to DJ for their new 2009 denim collection fashion show at Eikon in Kuta. What a crazy night and even crazier antics, Australians + Beer = Mayhem.... Only on the scene for a few years now, their lines have grown exponentially in both popularity and availability.

Jeans are way too tight for me, I guess growing up a hip hop head has something to do with that but the tshirts and jackets are killin' it in my opinion. Not sure if they've hit the States for my Amurrican buddies (maybe a shop in NYC or LA is carrying it) but as always, the internet solves most of those geographical problems. Special thanks to Dan and Ben, wasn't sure if the birthday pirate party the following night was more chaotic but a good weekend nonetheless.
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