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Ballin’ Review #21 – METIS

November 16th, 2009 No comments
Do i even really need to give a review about this place?

METIS is the new conglomerate of the former Kafe Warisan, same owners, but even bigger and better than before. Everyone in Bali should be thanking them for relocating because we all know the traffic jams caused on Jl. Kerobokan because of their success. Seriously, has anyone parked at their former location with ease?

They now have a boutique selling furnishings from across Asia, a dedicated pastry shop, a cool ass bar that looks super sleek, seperate wine/dining room with hundreds of bottles that line the walls, and of course the same worldly class and service that has made them so famous in the past. French Mediterranean cuisine with a twist and if you ever try their Chocolate Souffle you'll know what i'm talking about. I'm not even a dessert person and even i have to bow to their excellence....
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