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"Black Is The New White" – Paul Mooney

June 23rd, 2011 No comments
When it comes to African American comedians, most will think of Richard Pryor, Eddie Murphy, or even now Dave Chappelle... But there is also Paul Mooney, who during the 70's until now was the driving force behind the aforementioned comedic greats, always writing for them or as an opening act. Don't get it twisted though, Paul Mooney doesn't mind being in the background, to put lightly in his own words, he's just "too black for Hollywood".

This book is much to do with his rise with Richard Pryor, his best friend, and is a great read for anyone who loves comedians who speak the truth. Remember Negrodamus on the Chappelle Show? Remember Homie The Clown on In Living Color? Remember RICHARD PRYOR?

All Paul Mooney...

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