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Mix – LBS :: SACRIFORCED 1 & 2

March 8th, 2011 No comments

Back in 2005 there was this guy named Fitsum who was a great photographer, designer, and all around interesting guy to have a beer with (I don't know why I'm talking of him in the past tense cause he's still alive and fucking shit up)... We shared thoughts on music, shots of GM, and whatever we felt like spilling out of our brains whenever we ran into each other.

At the time he was kinda throwing some parties at some local dives in DC and had put together a mini-website dedicated to music not of the norm and asked me to do a couple of mini-mixes for him. I obliged so here are both of them, each of 20 minutes, and running the spectrum of headphone nodders (Platinum Pied Pipers, MF Doom, Massive Attack, Flipmode Squad, Marvin Gaye, Junior Murvin, Edan, etc.).

The website is still up if you wanan check it out, and has a bunch of other mixes from DC djs that were hanging/mixing back in those days...good stuff for sure.

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