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Ballin’ Review #22 – Tugu Hotel Lombok

January 13th, 2010 No comments
Well, it finally happened, after writing a review for this place almost 7 months ago and NEVER even visiting it... i was there. Tugu Hotel Lombok is a pretty majestic place to stay, much like its counterpart in Bali, the entire minimalistic futuristic expeallodocious is thrown out the window for some real throwback material from the days of old school Lombok. The owner is a serious art collector and is considered to have one of the biggest collections in all of Southeast Asia proudly on display at most of his hotels or restaurants.

Large and in charge, the Tugu Lombok is a history lesson at every turn. Some of the pieces that resided in my room were over hundreds of years old. With a stone's throw distance to Sire Beach, it's a shame i had to visit during rainy season and endure two days of torrential downpour. Not a fun boat ride back to Bali either!!

That being said, Tugu Lombok is downright beautiful, many people say Lombok will be the next Bali as Bali continues to be overpopulated and overdeveloped so come visit now before the innocence is gone. Here are some pics that i took...
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