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October 29th, 2009 No comments
Guess i'm a bit late on this but in Bali, at least i have an excuse. My girlfriend told me about Nooka watches earlier this year but its hard to keep up on the latest in fashion trends as Bali does not always get the greatest imports. Sure i could try Jakarta but who wants to spend half of your weekend in traffic?

SKS in Bali finally got some and i went ahead and purchased the Zub Zen-V pictured below. Wish i could get my hands on some of the more fashionable models like the UNDRCRWN x Nooka ZenV collaboration pictured above but until then, this does me fine. Pretty sporty watches taking the traditional look of watches into a whole new direction. When i was in Singapore back in April there were a lot of knockoffs on the design variables but it's nice to now have the real thing.
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