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Trouble In Paradise (TR.I.P.)

July 31st, 2009 No comments
There is shining star brewing in Bali along the lines of REAL hip hop and REAL funk, meet Trouble In Paradise.... Now the term REAL gets thrown around like a dirty rupiah bill and especially in Indonesia. But lets face it, although the scene here is blossoming it will forever be taking inspiration from what is done in the States. The clubs here play all the same hip hop hits and all for the love of making sales at the bar and that much i can live with because after all, this is a tourist influenced island when it comes to club music.

But through the help from local breakdancers, imported djs, live back up band and a craving from the hip hop community who know QUALITY music, its about time a REAL bad stepped up and made a stand. Enter Trouble In Paradise, made up of MC Suffice(UK), MC Solomon(NY) & BlackGold(SF) on vocals, Lil Hannah(Bass), Mark(Drums), Danny(Guitar), Aerial Crew Breakerz(Indo) and yours truly DJ LBS(DC) on the decks...the vibe comes alive. From just the past few shows that have started since three weeks ago i'm so extremely impressed by the make up of the band and the reaction they have created. This is serious music for true lovers of an artform often imitated but never duplicated.

Just had a show last night at MBarGo in Kuta and it went off like the 4th of July, here are some pics to take a peep into what it was like and please, if you see them advertised, go support!!!

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