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Woe Is Them.

February 18th, 2010 No comments
Arsenal really jammed themselves up after last night's sloppy play and even more horrible goalkeeping abilities. Cesc Fabregas summed it up, the two Porto scores were "schoolboy's goals" after keeper Fabianski's inexperience and timidness shined through.

Arsene Wenger might be a genius but he should really watch his words lately, Porto physically bullied Arsenal for most of the game and Arsenal just couldn't get it done. And although the refereeing was pretty abysmal it's still no excuse for them to not tighten up their game. If Arsenal don't advance after the next leg at home against Porto in the Champions League, i think it's safe to say bye bye to hero Fabregas.

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UEFA 2009 Champions League Final

May 29th, 2009 No comments
Manchester United vs. Barcelona = Ronaldo Cristiano vs. Lionel Messi

That's what this year's UEFA Champions League Final basically came down to, the two best players in the world finally got to have a match up worth watching on such a big stage. I'm no Man U fan even in the slightest bit, so while i can admit that Ronaldo is "the man", i'm also gonna say that i've liked Messi for alot longer. The Argentinian is so deceptive on the field that its take a few seconds to digest what he just did.

Anyways, Barcelona prevailed 2-0 with Messi scoring a header late in the 2nd half. Had to watch this game at 4AM so after the first half, it looked like Man U just couldn't handle their normal confident selves. Or maybe it was because i was already inebriated. Who cares!? I was just satisfied that Man U lost after seriously dispensing Arsenal in the semi-final a few weeks before.
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