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24 Hours in Singapore

April 18th, 2009 No comments
Had to do my visa run so i choose Singapore, can do it in a day and considering the financial crunch at the moment, it was the way to go. Way better than Kuala Lumpur as far as scenery but then again, i didnt really get to see much. Walked around a lot, saw mad Chinese people, and of course...ate. I think i averaged about 10 meals in 24 hours, it got a little overboard but as soon as i saw a Burger King shop i dove straight in. Stayed at Sleepy Sam's which is a backpacker place, most definitely clean and worth the money, was in a proper neighborhood too which was even better.

Singapore is ridiculously small. Extremely clean, very manicured, and was my first time back in a big metropolis since a year ago. Need to get outta Bali more often! Contemplated on living there as the nightlife is great (so i heard), food is awesome (which it is), subway system easy to navigate (never get lost), and due to its central location is a great place to jump to other Asian countries. It's also hella expensive so without that great payin jobby-job, don't think i'll be living there anytime soon. Also, has a DOPE airport, which unfortunately is not the way to judge a city but for this trip it was among my "sight-seeing" activities. Oh well....hung out with my homie Stevie G. (who was in town on the same dates for the same thing) and my boy Paul who had DJ Perplex (Aussie 3X DMC Champion) with him as well, nice afternoon of a few Stella Artois and checking out some vinyl finds before the flight home.

Of course got some shopping in too, picked up this great watch (pictured below) for my girl which now i wish was mine....fark.
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